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Mission  使命

Our Education Philosophy

Why is it so hard to concentrate and learn? It is because you haven’t found the right way to learn. Everyone tends to choose different learning methods (e.g., teacher-centred, student-centred, high-tech, paper-based, game-based, personalized, etc.) that is because we all react individually when confronting the same problem. Traditional schools cannot provide a tailor-made teaching method for individual students matching their personality, habits, and levels. Chanson’s Education is destined to provide a learning method that will perfectly fit your kids based on their personality and study level diagnostic test results.


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為什麼小朋友無法集中精力學習? 香頌教育相信每位學生都有不同的學習方法(如:以教學為中心、以雙向互動形式、高科技、紙本學習、集遊戲和讀書的模式、個性化授課等),這是因為每人都有不同的偏好和習性, 自然面對同一問題時的反應和處理方法亦不同。然而,傳統學校根本無法提供合適每位學生的個性、習慣和水平相匹配且度身定造的教學方法。香頌教育的教學課程會根據小朋友的個性以及基本的學術能力進行測試及評估,制定適合每位小朋友的學習方法、提高試前應對能力、增加孩子對學習的興趣。

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