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Application Procedures


Chanson’s Education welcomes all students to apply. We will be conducting a diagnostic test and interview to ensure that you will be placed in the right study direction. You will also be receiving a study proposal after completing the test and interview. 

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Application Procedure 申請程序

Step 1: Reach us

(You may: Call (#+852 5693 8257), Whatsapp (#852 5693 8257), Email (​ or Website Chatbox)


(可選擇:致電((#+852 5693 8257),WhatsApp(#+852 5693 8257),微信(#+852 5693 8257),電郵(​或網站的聊天室)

Step 2: Send us your report card ( and inform us about the subjects and areas you wish to be help with. 


​Step 3: Issuance of Diagnostic Test from Chanson’s based on your level and the results of your report card.


​Step 4: An Interview is arranged and a Chanson’s study proposal is prepared. We will inform you about the fees and options to execute the study proposal. 

​第四步: 香頌將根據試卷結果設計度身訂造的讀書計畫並進一步通過面試了解小朋友的需要。 

​Step 5: Trial Sessions and Regular Sessions 


Contact us

Alto Residencs Tseung Kwan O

+852 56938257

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